National Competition 2018 – Guidance for Participants

The National Competition 2018 introduces two new exciting events:

1) Creative Controlled breaking
2) Team Synchronised Kedh

Welcome to all who are competing in this first year of the new Competition program. Please find guidance below on some of the details and formalities of the day.

We are trying to make the day shorter and so easier for all concerned, to this end, doors will open at 9:30 for a start time at 10:00.

As on previous competitions, each participant will be given on entry a registration slip for each event, which will be picked up on the day. For this competition the slips will be issued per event from the clearly identified registration Desks, first thing at the start of the day.

To be able to properly judge and manage the two new events, we have asked all club instructors to register the teams with the named participants ahead of the competition. This means that on the day the whole team needs to be present, and as a team you will need to collect the entrance slip at the beginning of the day.

Because of the new events this year, there is now a 3 stage start process for all team events.

The Arena Manager will say:


1) “Team present yourselves” – The team will line up at the edge of the arena opposite and facing the Judges.

2) “Take up your starting positions” – The competitors at this point can stay in this position or move to a position themselves into an appropriate starting positions for their individual performance.

3) “Begin” – The Synchronised or Breaking performance then begins.
Each team will then move to a “Ready” position and then perform the whole Kedh/breaking sequence without a count. They must finish and maintain a ready position at the end of the performance waiting for the arena manger to say relax.


4) “Relax” – the team can relax at this time but must maintain their positions in the arena and wait, whilst the judges complete their marking. They will then be notified when it is appropriate to leave the arena.

We hope you are all getting excited and busy preparing and we are all looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 28th October.


Example Videos: Team Synchronised Kedh

Example 1 – shows how to respond to the arena manager instructions if your starting positions are at the edge of the arena

Example 2 – shows how to respond to the arena manager instructions if your starting positions are lined up within the arena


Example Video: Creative Controlled Breaking