Self-defence is not the purpose of Tetsudo, but in following the Tetsudo training, once you reach a certain point in your development, you will be able to have sufficient self control to take the appropriate action to survive any threat.

“Self-defence is not a function of learning tricks, but is a function of how quickly and intensely one can arouse one’s instinct for survival.”

  • – Maha Ustad Tetsura



“The student exercises such a degree of control over himself or herself, that the body is freed from all fears, inhibitions, and insecurities, and thereby the student creates an environment in which the biologically inherant SURVIVAL INSTINCT can take over the body functions”

– Guru B.S. Dhaliwal

The Association does offer regular Self-defence courses for Tetsudo Students, to enable them to be more “Street-wise” and to provide them with specific techniques and knowledge to aid them if attacked.