A marvellous physical exercise

Tetsudo training is a marvellous physical exercise, developing strength, cardio-vascular fitness, stamina, and balance. For a stance on only one leg, to become a solid platform, requires strong muscles, and good balance.

To perform advanced jumping kicks, requires strength and agility. To perform kicks at head height, requires great flexibility. To perform the Tetsudo techniques continuously for any appreciable length of time, requires high levels of physical fitness. Only a fully trained dancer or acrobat, is likely to have the physical capabilities to do all these things from the beginning.

Tetsudo training, through repetition, and through specific exercises aimed at strength and flexibility, will develop the body to the level where it is able to give what is demanded of it. The physical limitations are like a restrictive cage, but by pushing against the boundaries, they widen and widen to allow the student to reach the level they aspire to.

Constant effort is needed as the student needs to constantly strive to go beyond their current limitations. Simply attending classes for a number of years will not lead to much progress unless the student has a will to improve, sufficient to push themselves just a little bit beyond their current limits.

Students are not pushed or bullied into performing better; it has to come from their own desire to improve, and everyone is allowed to do so at their own pace. Fast or slow – it is up to you.