“The Art Form has been a boon to me through a difficult time in my life. Since joining I have grown in personal confidence from a quiet mouse to a roaring tiger. The group has a well knitted social life both locally and nationally which I enjoy.”

Miss P Swainson

“This club is so fun, friendly and inclusive. Nobody is excluded whatever you body size, fitness, flexibility or previous injuries. It’s paced personal to you and everyone is supportive and kind. I’ve wanted to do martial arts for years and never had the courage to try it, now at 41 years old I am finally learning a martial art that is safe and builds my confidence every week. I am learning so much and look forward to every training session.”

Mrs S Neale

“Since starting my Tetsudo journey not only has my health and general fitness benefited but also my mental well being. It is a place to close out the things that irritate us day to day and focus on ourselves and our group. Using discipline and meditation they teach us the techniques and Kedhs. I would wholly recommend to anyone contemplating a martial art – any age or level of fitness.”

Ms L Hooper