The concepts on which Tetsudo is based were developed by Maha Ustad Mastambo Tetsura. Having spent virtually his entire life devoted to the study of the Art Forms (both Martial and Non-Martial) Master Tetsura was in a unique position to evaluate the virtues and inadequacies of Martial art systems. Master Tetsura reasoned that in teaching a ‘Style’ an instructor would invariably teach their own way of doing things which might not necessarily be beneficial for the student. With this concept in mind, Tetsura set about creating an Art based on body mechanics and movements, with the flexibility to be adapted to suit the needs of the individual. In 1960, Master Tetsura met 9 year old Balbinder Singh Dhaliwal in a Library in Wolverhampton. Noticing that he was reading a book on the Martial Arts, Tetsura questioned the boy about his interest in the subject, and invited Dhaliwal to become his student When Tetsura died in 1966, Dhaliwal had been his sole student and soon found the urge to share the incredible knowledge that he had been given, starting his first club in Wolverhampton in 1967. However, it was not until 1994 that Guru Ustad Dhaliwal decided on the name Tetsudo to refer to the Artform, The Way of Tetsura.
A big thank you to everyone who attended the Competitive Freestyle workshop today, and a special thanks to the instructors who gave their valuable time to conduct this seminar: Master Bal Singh, Ustad Colin Smith, Ustad Chris Davis, Ustad Nigel Law, Ustad Paul Gascoyne and Ustad Arun Dhaliwal.

The focus of the workshop was to create an enjoyable learning experience through practice of the key building blocks of competitive freestyle in a safe and controlled manner.

We have had very positive feedback already from the students who attended. Keep up the good practice and see you at the National Competition later this year! 👍
Last Friday, Master Trevor Brindley, Master Martin Sharratt, Ustad Colin Smith and David Nickless celebrated their 36 year blackbelt anniversary with their fellow colleagues at the Friday class.

What a truly inspiring milestone and a great example to us all that the Art Form will continue to benefit you throughout your life - and most importantly never stop enjoying your training!
Tetsudo is feeling inspired.
The doors open at 10:40 for tomorrows Freestyle workshop. Training starts 11am sharp
Please share your congratulations to Ustadan's Natalie Petzel and Emma Todd and Ustad's Garry Mead, Malcolm Harrison, Nick Foreman and Wayne Quinn who today, celebrate a 10-year milestone of being Black belt instructors!
The deadline to apply for this fun, relaxed workshop is Friday 3rd May 10pm.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn all there is to know about competitive freestyle and learn to improve your attacking and defensive skills.

Learn how to:

- How to quickly assess your opponent’s attacking/defensive styles....and formulate your strategy!

- How to set up your attack

- How to bridge the gap or draw the opponent into range!

The workshop will be interactive with opportunities to ask questions. Places are limited so please book as soon as possible.

The workshop is open to blue, purple and brown belts, as well as those green belts likely to grade before the competition in October. It will be led by Master Bal Singh and supported by Ustads Colin Smith, Arun Dhaliwal, Nigel Law, Paul Gascoyne and Richard Johnson.

Date: 11/05/2019
Time: 11am - 2pm
Cost: £5

Venue: Roseberry Community Centre,
Storer Rd, Loughborough, LE11 5EQ
Closing deadline for entries: 03/05/2019 10pm

Please submit names to Bill Hughes via bill.hughes@tetadmin.co.uk
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On Friday 22nd March the Association presented a cheque for £230 to the Royal School for the Deaf Derby.

This money was raised through proceeds from the 3D party. We would like to thank the Association membership and all friends and family who supported this event and for their contribution to this worthwhile cause.